Fonderia Lab


This world, that in Italian means “foundry”, is already rich in intrinsic meanings.
Manual skill, history, passion, precision, stylistic and designing research. Every single watch Fonderia by Lowell creates, brings with it all these concepts and many others.
Watches realized with a particular attention to details, shapes, styles that characterize every single product we make. 
Every family, every project is immediately recognizable for its own background, for its design, studied exactly for the people for whom it’s made for. Women and men continuously searching for style and outfit refinement, that must be always sporty but elegant at the same time, and that must be pointed out also by every single accessory that every one of our customers decides to wear every day. And that’s why our Fonderia project comes to life. To create watches that can be at the same time precise and reliable time keepers and fashion accessory always moving with the most elegant, distinctive and dynamic design.
Fonderia: fashion, style, design.




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