The History

1969. A Cinquecento costs 500.000 Lire and the man is going on the moon. A new company is searching for a name, an inspiration, that tastes of time, space, challenge, visions. A few people knows Percival Lowell, the third son of the rich family from Boston, Massachussets. At the end of 1800 Percival Lowell is a brilliant business man, who travels a lot and writes books, before falling in love with astronomy, to wich he will completely dedicates himself for the last twenty years of his life. Time will tell us that his passionating thesis that there could be water on Mars would be wrong, but those about the retrograde movement of Uranus and the existence of Pluto were indeed absolutely true. 1969. Armstrong makes his first step on the moon and makes an enormous step forward for umanity. And such as the most famous astronaut ever, Lowell wants to know the space in order to challenge the time, measure it with precision, in the vain and unlimited human dream of catching it.


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