Lowell. Since 1969 specialist in watches

"Measuring time is an art. For us it is also a passion ".

A passion that Liliana Caselli, founder of the company and award-winning over the years as an example of female management, has handed down to her children. The Rovatti brothers are the second generation, the natural movement of renewal that passes through new business strategies: expansion of target markets, optimization of the sales network and marketing and communication initiatives. Evrything is pushed by- the same passion of Liliana as she observes, through the eyes of Percival Lowell, Armstrong's moon landing: creating the right tool to live and measure time.


In recent years and after twenty years of experience in the field of wristwatches, Lowell has dedicated itself to creating new lines of unique watches: Fonderia, a brand inspired by the reinterpretation of vintage style with handcrafted straps made in Italy; H2x a brand with a young style, with a wide choice of colors based on a model made in several sizes; the exclusive licenses for Italy, of the main Serie A football teams. Lowell embodies the true spirit of Made in Italy: the art of know-how handed down for generations, research, taste and Italian style together with passion and strong innovative spirit, to always be witnesses and interpreters of the passing of time.


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