Lowell. Time keeping specialist since 1969

“Measuring time is an art. For us, it is a passion too”. Liliana Caselli, winner of several awards as example of business woman management, has shared her passion to her sons, Enrico, 39-year-old and Andrea, 29-year-old. Rovatti’s brothers are the second Lowell generation, the natural motion of renovation: new strategies to enlarge the target, optimization of the sales network and marketing activities and new communication activities to support the company “mission”. The same mission figured out by Liliana Caselli, through the eyes of Percival Lowell, while Neil Armstrong was landing on the Moon: to create the right instrument for everyone, in the ideal place, to live and measure time.
Despite the deep existing crisis, Lowell is a healthy company, even if far away from districts and financing instrument, that gives job to 30 peoples and this year it will celebrate the first century of Glycine, the prestigious brand founded in Biel in 1914 and proudly distributed in Italy by Lowell.
Another big goal for a historical family business company that embodies the true Made in Italy spirit: the art of doing, handed down from generations, the research, the Italian taste and style together with passion and strong innovative attitude, to be always witness and performer of the sliding time.